netpixl (2012+)

Netpixl is a micro-toolkit facilitating the development of artistically-minded mobile and social applications. The toolkit mostly consists of server-side components for handling groupware-level problems commonly encountered in ubiquitous computing applications, expressly real-time message routing. While many UbiComp applications, toolkits, and frameworks are often limited in scope to a single platform such as a tabletop surface, Netpixl aims to reduce the development overhead of building multi-user networked applications that can be integrated across a diverse number of mobile devices and protocols.

Designed to help interface browser-based applications with other systems, the toolkit is built in Javascript for use with NodeJS-based projects. It has a number of convenient API methods for handling messages through websockets, serial, OSC, MIDI, and MQTT. A separate message-routing core uses the idea of Pixls to preprocess data and execute tasks on behalf of the application, similar to routes in traditional web applications.

Netpixl is discussed as Chapter 4 in my MFA thesis, and is currently in the process of being cleaned up for an open-source public release.

Video Coming Eventually