HIDUINO (2010+)

The HIDUINO project aims to provide ready-to-download firmwares, documentation, and example code for turning an Arduino Uno, Mega 2560, or Due into a class-compliant, driverless MIDI/HID device. These firmwares are directly based off of the LUFA framework by Dean Camera, a generic USB/HID library for Atmel’s line of ATmega USB-compatible microcontrollers. The general feeling in the Interface Design class at CalArts was that middleware (serial to OSC/MIDI software) kept holding artists hostage to communication difficulties. So, this challenge resulted in the realization of the HIDUINO project.

The project was presented at the New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference on May 31st, 2011 at the University of Oslo. To the side is a recording of the presentation. Notable mentions of HIDUINO include Hackaday, Arduino, and Adafruit. Below are several NIMES and robotic instruments by students that are powered by HIDUINO; over fifty interfaces, instruments, and installations have been documented using HIDIUNO since it was released in 2011.