Select Open Source Contributions


Sandbox is a personal playground for learning and experimentation with realtime rendering pipelines, path tracing, and tools for virtual reality (mixed with a smattering of library code used in many other public and private projects).


Libnyquist is a minimal cross-platform C++11 library for reading compressed and uncompressed audio data from disk or memory. It is ideal to use as an audio asset frontend for games, audio sequencers, music players, and more.


tinygizmo is a miniature library for gizmo-editing (position, rotation, scale) as commonly implemented in game-engine editors. A good fit for small graphics R&D projects, the library offers a simplistic API and public domain license.


A two-file, zero-dependency public-domain implementation of the PLY mesh file format. This format is often used in the computer vision community for its relative simplicity and ability to support arbitrary mesh attributes and layouts.