Sequence (2013-2016)

Sequence was the first euclidean rhythm sequencer available on the Apple iOS app store. Circular patterns are visualized in a unique geometric form, extending into sound as layered polyrhythms. Users of sequence could mix up to eight patterns, creating intense tracks perfect for electronic or experimental music. The app was bundled with 30 classic gamelan and drum samples and supported MIDI output for external DAW control. In mid-2016, Sequence succumbed to bit-rot and is no longer available on the app store.

Sequence was originally conceived as as a piece for The Machine Orchestra. In this form, Sequence was a structured improv for six human performers and 48 musical actuators. The 2011 premiere was performed by myself, Perry R. Cook, Jim Murphy, Mo H. Zareei, Colin Honigman, and Owen Vallis.