Transcendence (2013)

Transcendence is a private commission for kinetic artist Trimpin as a memorial sculpture at the Facultad Libre de Derecho de Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico. Trimpin, along with composer Arturo Salinas and designer Hernan Salinas, envisioned a 60-foot-high sculpture of aluminum spheres with 77 handbells across 6 octaves, symbolizing seven different star constellations arranged in a parametrically-designed helical structure. The Salinas family produced a photo-documentary of the project that can be viewed on YouTube

Prior to construction, I became involved as a software and hardware designer when it was determined that physically-actuated handbells were not acoustically viable in the hollow aluminum spheres. Trimpin and I collaborated to devise a 96-channel audio system using pre-recorded bells, where each output speaker could be tuned and equalized to the resonant frequencies of its enclosing sphere. While the sculpture itself is static, the music changes over a 360 day period using a generative composition built within a real-time C++ system.